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Palani has been mentioned in Tamil Sangam literature as "Podhini", which came to be called as Palani later. This temple is situated in Palani Town and a Taluk in Dindigul District. It is an ancient and very big temple getting a large income among all the temples in TamilNadu. This temple is one among the six Padaiveedus (abode) of Lord Muruga.that is the third Padaiveedu namely Arulmigu Thiruvaavinankudi temple which is one of the subtemples of this temple. Many "Siddhas" are said to have lived in this region. The idol of Palani Andavar is said to have been made of "Navapashanam" by Siddhar Bogar. Thai Poosam and Panguni Uthiram are very famous festivals and a large number of devotees are coming here for those festivals. 38 sub-temples are attached with this temple. It belongs to 9th century and the king namely Cheraman Peruman constructed this temple. As per the historical records the main Deity Arulmigu Palaniandavar idol is consisted of Navapashanam, ie a combination of 9 poisonous herbals mixed in a proportion to give a high medicinal power to cure the diseases of immunity and it was designed and made up by a siddar named Bohar.

The Thiruvaavinankudi temple (Adhi) is said to be the temple in Adivaram. Lord muruga, stayed for a while and went up the hill. so both the hill temple and Thiruvaavinankudi are considered to be the places of sancity.

Height of the Hill Temple : 150 M
Total no. of Steps : 693
Direction the Temple : Towards WEST
Pragaram around the Hill(Giriveethi) : 2.4 KM