Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple

This temple is constructed at the spot where Lord Rama offered woship to the sand Lingam - Ramanathaswamy made by Sita Devi & the Siva Lingam brought by Hanuman from the Kailasam - Viswa Lingam. The construction of the temple as it stands today, a wonderful example of Dravidian architecture, was started in the 12th century and ended in 19th century. All the rulers in a span of 350 years contributed greatly to various aspects and sections of the temple. The most interesting feature in the temple is the 1,220m long corridor with the beautiful carvings on the pillars, walls and cieling.

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple photos

Kothandaramaswamy Temple

The southern most tip of the island where the Indian Ocean mingles with the Bay of Bengal is Dhanushkodi. A major portion was washed away during the 1964 cyclone, but the Kothandaramaswamy temple here is still intact. According to legend, Vibeeshana the brother of Ravana met and joined hands with him at this spot. There are paintings in this temple depicting this story. The idols of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana can be seen along with Vibeeshana & Hanuman. Vivekanadar is said to have landed here after his historic trip to spread Hinduism in the West.

Tirupullani (64 km)

Also known as Dharbasayanam,the Vishnu temple here, is dedicated to Lord Adi Jagannathaperumal. In the Pearl-Fishery of Mannar one boat with stones is allowed by the Sethupathy (Ragunatha Sethupathi Katha Thevar) to Tiruppullani temple. The temple has owned salt pans also, as per a copper plate grantdated Salivahana Sahaodam.

Uthirakosamangai ( 72 Kms )

There is an ancient Siva temple , where the deity is carved in Emerald. The annual "Arudhra" festival in December attracts large number of devotees.

Dhanushkodi (18 kms.)

The southernmost tip of the island Dhanushkodi was completely washed away by the 1964 cyclone. The Kothandaramaswamy temple here, remains intact and it contains icons of Rama, Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuman and Vibishana. It can be reached by road from Rameswaram.


This coastal village is also known as Navashabashanam. It is believed that Lord Rama worshipped Navagraha here. The temple near by here, is dedicated to Devi, who is said to have killed the demon Mahishasura at this spot. Hindus perform religious rites for their forefathers here.