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The Holy Mountain of Arunachala rises up with an elevation of 2669 feet (800m). The Road encircling the mountain where devotees circumbulate is 8.5 miles which is 14 kms long. On Full Moon days and festival days (like Karthigai, first day of the Tamil month, Tamil New Year day) hundreds of thousands of devotees circumbulate (GIRIVALAM) the mountain and get the blessings of the Lord Arunachala. Though devoid of vegetation the hill stands in prominence amidst picturesque surroundings and is visible for miles around. This hill is of Igneous rock (connected with fire) which is one of the four kinds of mountains classified by geology. So one sees the truth behind the tradition regarding the origin and formation of this hill. Legends say that Tiruvannamalai was a fire (Agni) mountain in Krathayuga, Gold (Swarna) mountain in Thrathayugha, Copper (Thambra) mountain in Duvaparayuga and rock mountain in this Kaliyuga.

Name Cardinal direction Installed By Dominant Navagraha Benefits of Worship
Indra Lingam East Lord Indiran, the king of Celestials Sun and Sukiran Long life and fame
Agni Lingam South East Lord Agni (God of Fire) Chandran (Moon) Relief from diseases and fear
Yama Lingam South Yama, God of Death Sevvai Longevity of life span
Niruthilingam South West Niruthi, the king of giants Raghu Health, Wealth and Fame. Issueless can get children.
Varunalingam West Varuna, the God of Rain Sani (Saturn) Relief from illness Especially water related diseases
Vayulingam North West Vayu the God of air Kedhu Relief from illness especially the heart diseases, breathing and stomach problems
Kupera Lingam North Kuperan, the God of Wealth Guru Wealth and improvement in life status
Easanya Lingam North East Easanyan Budhan Peace of mind