Kulasekarapattinam Mutharamman Temple

This is situated on the way to Kanniyakumari and Thiruchendur. Formerly there was a port located here. This village is famous for the Mutharamman Koil, located on the seashore. This temple is nearly 150 years old. The Dasserah festival is celebrated grandly every year. During the 10-day festival celebration, more than 3 lakh people gather here. Folk dance artists from all over Tamil Nadu, perform in a variety of programmes. Kulasekarapattinam is just 20 kms from Thiruchendur and 65 kms from Kanniyakumari.


Beach and Church The Holy Cross Church at Manapad was built in the year 1581. ManapadFragments of the True cross was brought from Jerusalem and placed in the church. Pilgrims visit the church throughout the year and the church is situated on the seashore. The church is associated with St. Francis Xavier. It is 18 kms from Thiruchendur and 70 kms from Kanniyakumari.

Manapad Palm leaf Society To encourage the traditional palm leaf handicrafts, this society were formed and varieties of articles have been produced in this society unique of this district and for this state as well. Many of products are exported to foreign countries.

Mudalur Is a place near Thiruchendur, and is famous for its halwa a kind of sweetmeat unique to this district. This halwa is send to other districts of Tamil Nadu.


The name Udankudi might have been derived from two Tamil words. "Udai" means the thorny firewood tree (Accacia Sp) which is abundant in that area. "Kudi" refers to a village or a human settlement. The two words when joined together its pronounced as "Udangudi". Some people told, This is the village having equal number of Hindu, Christian and Muslims. They lived here with a close relationship. So it named as 'Udangudi'.

There are several temples for Mutharamman, Suadali Madan and Ayyanar temples around Udangudi. Some of the famous Ayyanar temples are Alli Oothu Kal Aal Ayyanar, Pon vandu Ayyanar, Arunjunai Katha ayyanr, vennimalai aiyyan sastha koil located around Udangudi. In around that so many Amman temples are located based on the people caste and religion based. They maintained and worshiped by that specific caste people.

Years back Udangudi and its suburbs had a lot of Palmyrah groves, where the main occupation was to extract Palm Juice and prepare Karuppukatti or KarpagaKatti (Palm Jaggery, presumably karuppukatti is a transformed form for "Karumbukatti- sugar(cane)piece). More than a century back this centre was the place which catered to the Palm Jaggery requirements to the demands of South India and also Palm Jaggery requirements to several other countries where it was exported.

Thiruchendur Temple and Beach

It is one of the major pilgrim centres of south India. TiruchendurThe seashore temple dedicated to Lord Muruga, is one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga called the Arupadai Veedu. The nine storeyed temple tower at a height of 156 feet belongs to the 17th century A.D. Visiting the valli cave, taking a bath in the sea and bathing in Nazhikkinaru here are rituals. It is 60 kms from Thoothukudi. Frequent bus services are available from Thirunelveli and Thoothukudi. There are daily train services also available from Thiruchendur to Thirunelveli.

Kayalpattinam Beach

It is located on the main road from Thiruchendur to Thoothukudi. It is 8 kms from Thiruchendur and 32 kms from Thoothukudi. It is one of the good beaches in this district.


There is a famous ancient church the name St.Paul. It was built in the 18th century by the British. It is situated in Thiruchendur Taluk, 18 kms towards Valliyur road.

Ayyanar Sunai

This centre is 4 kms from Thiruchendur. There is a 'natural spring' here and one can get fresh water throughout the year. There is a temple here dedicated to the village deity Ayyanar. It is a good picnic spot. Nearby is a forest with sand dunes.